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Tagging Instructions
Please tag your items carefully as the tags cannot be changed once the items have been dropped off.  We are not responsible for mispriced, mistagged, incomplete tags or items with no tags.

Please print your tags on white cardstock only. Please print 8 tags to one page. Please price your items in increments of .50.  (ex. 3.00 or 3.50).  Price your items to sell.  Shoppers love a great deal. Check discount yes, for your items to be included in our 25% off and 50% off sales.  Check donate yes for your unsold items to be donated at the end of the sale. Items marked both discount yes and donate yes will be marked 75% off during our "Thank You Volunteers" sale, which is for volunteers only and is after the regular sale as closed.  Items marked donate no will need to be picked up during the designated times. All items left after the pick-up times become property of Cutie Kids Consignment and will be donated.
Please bring all clothing on hangers. Please hang with the hook faced to the left so it makes a question mark when you look at the front of the item.  Please secure tags to the button hole or label in clothing.  Please secure the items to the hanger and include complete outfits on one hanger. Feel free to pin hats, hair bows, belts and accessories to an outfit. Hangers will not be returned to the consignors. However after the sale, we often have extra hangers available if you need some.
All children's clothing must have a number size tag (not small, medium, large).  If the items is not sized with a number please estimate on the tag. Maternity items can be marked small, medium, large etc.
Shoes must be in new or gently used condition. Please tie shoes together with ribbon or place both shoes together in a clear gallon bag.
Small items can be grouped together in a clear gallon bag.  Put hair bows, onsies, or socks of the same size in one bag and price for the set.  Small toys such as trains or cars or doll clothes can be grouped in bags as well.
For books and toys, secure tags with masking or painters tape.  Toys must have working batteries. Packing tape can damage the items. For puzzles and games, please make sure all pieces are included in the box and then place the box in a large gallon bag.  Do not put tape over the barcode on your price tags.  Tape on the blank part of the tag only.
Electronics such as CDs, DVDs, and video games should be in the original packaging.
Furniture and large toys need to be assembled at the time of drop off. Please bring tools if needed. Hardware for baby gates can be placed in a bag and taped to the gate.
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